Knowledge Enhanced Electronic Logic (KEEL®) Technology

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KEEL® is licensable technology. It provides a revolutionary way to process information that can be used to more easily and cost effectively create solutions to complex (dynamic, non-linear, inter-related, multi-dimensional) problem sets. It includes a full set of software tools and a license to use patented KEEL Technology in stand-alone or distributed software applications, in embedded devices, or on the web. The KEEL Toolkit creates KEEL Engines that allow the software applications and devices to take on some of the reasoning functions commonly performed by skilled personnel today. By embedding the skills of experts in these products, the end customers can benefit from lower cost solutions. In other cases, the products themselves can augment the skills of the experts while using the products. As a user aide, the KEEL-based solutions are suggesting what the users should consider and perhaps the process for the users to follow. KEEL Engines are created in a variety of computer languages and are easy to integrate into almost any product platform or system architecture. Compsim is licensing KEEL Technology to companies that want to take a leadership position in their target markets. Some of the market segments are identified below.

Military Intelligent / Autonomous Weapons
Autonomous Systems (UAVs, UGVs, UUVs, etc.)
Security Systems (Network, Buildings, Intelligent Mines, etc.)
Modeling and Simulation
Collision / Threat Avoidance
Reconnaissance Systems
Data Interpretation
Adaptable LVC Training
Medical Automated Second Opinion
Auditable Medical Guidelines
Intelligent Patient Monitoring
Auditable Diagnosis
In-vivo Treatment
Intelligent Prosthetics
Data Analysis and Interpretation
Automotive Diagnostics / Prognostics
Adaptive Control
Asset Management

Intelligent Vehicles (Autonomous Features)
Fleet Administration
Electronic Games Intelligent Avitars
Intelligent Environments
Evolutionary Games
Enterprise Automated Executive Decisions
Adaptable Brokerage Policies
Loan Administration
Insurance Underwriting
Home Automation Intelligent Devices
Adaptive Security Systems
Home Diagnostics
Energy Management
Support Tools for an Aging Population
Industrial Automation Diagnostics / Prognostics
Adaptive Manufacturing
Embedded Operational Policies
Agent-based Reasoning Systems
Factory Cell Management
Asset Management
Safety Systems

Compsim Management Tools

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Compsim Management Tools (CMT) is a software application (product) that provides services for knowledge capture, information weighting and knowledge reporting. Computer generated decisions are also provided. The user can compare his or her analysis of the data with that of the computer. Because the computer is providing an objective interpretation of the information, the user gets a second opinion in a non-confrontational format. Compsim's tools allow the knowledge base and decision making reports to be saved as XML files. The data can be then be imported into most state-of-the-art corporate databases. The XML format can also be used as the initial step in creating a KEEL® based solution (below). Compsim's tools allow the capture of decision-making structures in the form of templates. This allows the user to collect experience in a reusable form that can be shared across an organization.


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