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Target Markets Why management decisions?

Value Proposition for CMT

Increase organizational efficiency

If you or your organization spends significant amounts of time making decisions, then Compsim has tools to help make the process more efficient and effective.

Capture the reasoning of experts

If you find that you or your organization loses the decision making skills that individuals develop when they move from one job function to another, or to another company, then Compsim tools can capture that knowledge for training and decision-making purposes.

Capture the structure of decision-making

If you or your organization wants a process that can be refined over time to make better decisions, then Compsim tools can be used to increase your organizational decision-making efficiency.

Utilize a structured process for decision-making

If you agree that a consistent process can help an organization operate more efficiently, then Compsim tools can be used to define that process. In many cases Compsim has developed the structure for numerous decisions facing organizations today.

Build a Decision-Making Repository

If you think there would be value for your organization to create a corporate repository of decision-making knowledge, then Compsim tools can be used to load that repository.

If you or your company depends on the quality and timeliness of decisions, then Compsim has tools to help.

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