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Value Proposition for "KEEL®" Technology

Move expert skills to the end user

If you or your customers would benefit from having products make judgmental decisions without relying on the added cost of on-site experts, then KEEL technology can help.

Add heuristic reasoning to products

If your products require skilled personnel to operate or interpret the output, then you can offer your customers added value by helping them make the best use of your products. KEEL technology can be added to your products to provide your expert knowledge as part of your product offering.

Products that can take actions on their own

If your products require skilled operators to make judgmental decisions while using your products, then, in many cases, KEEL technology can help. KEEL technology can be deployed in your products to take action without human intervention.

Products can make "explainable" decisions

If your company finds that the use of Fuzzy Logic and Neural Nets could not be used because the decisions could not be explained, then KEEL technology may be appropriate for your application.

Adding decision-making to products is easy

If historically, you found that adding decision-making to your products has extended beyond your core capabilities, then KEEL tools can bring this service to every product with minimum effort.

Sample Applications

If any of your products require skilled workers to interpret their output in order to make judgmental decisions, then you can add intelligence to those products to assist your end customer.

If your products can supply your customers with lower life cycle cost by including the decision-making capabilities of experts, then KEEL technology may be right for you.

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