Analytics-Related White Papers
  1. Knowledge Enhanced Electronic Logic for Embedded Intelligence
  2. Rules vs Reason; the IoT; and (human?) Experts
  3. Mathematics of the Brain
  4. IT Transformation
  5. KEEL and Code Certification
  6. Cognitive Sense-making Using KEEL for Intelligence Analysis
  7. Application of KEEL to Computer Science, Signal, and Data Processing
  8. Realistic Performance Simulations Using KEEL
  9. Personalized Statistics
  10. KEEL Technology for Computational Mathematics
Analytics-Related Demos
  1. Patient Monitoring / Sensor Monitoring / Event Triggered Monitoring / Time-Based Monitoring
  2. Network Threat Policy / Monitoring
  3. Human / Event Profiling
  4. Group Behavioral Modeling
  5. Yerkes-Dodson / Eysenck Model
  6. Focused Stress by Age and Population
  7. KEEL Dynamic Graphical Language
  8. A Simple KEEL Formula
  9. Non-Linear KEEL Formula
  10. CV5 Curve (Optimal Time to Make a Decision)
  11. Feedback Control
  12. Speed Control
  13. In Search of Frustration
Analytics-Related Movies
  1. KEEL Introduction
  2. KEEL Dynamic Graphical Language
  3. Movie Describing the Development of the Yerkes Dodson Model


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