Speed Control

Controlled acceleration and deceleration can increase comfort, make more efficient use of energy, and prolong equipment life.

This simple demonstration uses a KEEL Engine to accelerate and decelerate according to an S curve where any change in speed is made over a period of time.

When there is a small change in speed, the duration over which the S (acceleration or deceleration) is accomplished is reduced. When the change is larger, the duration is increased.

Manipulate the target speed and watch the speed change. Change the target speed "while" in the process of another speed change. Note there are no "jumps"

Development time for the KEEL Engine (1 second), because it is a stock curve from the library of curves provided in the KEEL Toolkit.

Glue logic to connect the graphics to the KEEL Engine. (20 minutes).

Total project development time 2 hours.