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Company Direction Why management decisions?

Target Markets

Refer to the following list for some of the application spaces already addressed with Compsim's software:

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Business Strategy Development
Project Management
Product Planning
Corporate Research
Government Related
Medical Decisions
Personal Decisions

These, and many more application spaces, where similar problems are encountered over and over again, are appropriate uses for the Compsim tools.

Compsim's Value-Add

Problems Compsim tools
In the normal course of doing business, information is often gathered to made specific decisions and then immediately lost or discarded. By using Compsim's management tools, the information used in the decision-making process is collected in a formal manner. It can be retained within the tool set or exported to a corporate knowledge base.
Decisions are frequently made for subjective, rather than for objective reasons. Compsim's software tools facilitate the collection of all points of view to help insure that decisions are objective. By explaining why decisions are made, biases will be exposed to scrutiny.
Decisions are seldom tracked... Opportunities to learn from mistakes are lost. Opportunities to benefit from best practices are lost. Opportunities to develop structures for benchmarking are lost. By using Compsim's management tools, the justification for the decision is collected in a formal manner where it can be reconstructed and analyzed. Weaknesses in the process can be corrected to avoid duplicating mistakes.
Decisions are often avoided or delayed. "There is no problem so big that you cannot run away from it!" By using Compsim's management tools during the decision-making process, it is possible to review the progress as well as unanswered questions necessary to make the decision. If all information is available then there is no reason to postpone the decision.
Sometimes Employees need to understand "WHY" certain decisions are made in order to accomplish their work in a manner that is consistent with those decisions. Compsim's software tools provide a number of report formats that can be used to explain the background for the decisions made using the tools. The tools can also be used to reverse engineer the decisions of others.
There are often communication gaps between business units: Between Marketing and Engineering, for example. Compsim's software tools support a process that gathers all points of view involved in the decision-making process. By exposing all points of view relative to a particular issue, all parties understand each others concerns.
Companies use consultants to help them make decisions. The deliverables from the consulting work, however, seldom have long term value, because the information is based only on a snapshot in time and cannot easily be adjusted to future circumstances. Compsim delivers its consulting in the form of a reusable knowledge base that can be refined and enhanced with additional information over time to address a multitude of issues.
It is difficult and time consuming to attempt to place a value on the information used to make decisions on abstract issues. Because this is so difficult, it is seldom done effectively Compsim's software tools provide an EASY graphical approach to add a valuation to information. It is with this valuation that Compsim transforms information into knowledge.

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