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Leveraged Consulting

Compsim's Management Tools

Compsim™ works with partner organizations to build a knowledge base that can be used to make well thought out, objective management decisions. Compsim™ uses its software tools to facilitate the process. Compsim™ has developed its own knowledge base that can be shared with the partner to accelerate the process. This leveraged knowledge base is enhanced with details that apply to that specific partner's situation. Compsim™ will then apply its tools to the decision making process, where the information is prioritized and weighted and decisions are made.

More than Just Presentation Material

The results of the consulting are delivered to the partner as 1) a series of reports AND 2) through the use of its tools, a reusable knowledge base.

More Value After Compsim™'s Consulting

Compsim™ differentiates itself from other consulting companies, in that it provides the results of the consulting activity in a form that can be utilized to address future issues. Unlike consulting that is done on a one-time basis (supplied a static reports and presentations), the Compsim delivery mechanism provides the information in a manner that can be adjusted over time to react to a changing environment.

Compatible with Corporate Knowledge Bases

Another differentiating point is that the information contained within Compsim's tools is a knowledge base that can be exported to other database architectures that may exist within the partner organization. Compsim's tools allow the knowledge base to be exported as industry standard XML documents, that can be easily imported into most current database engines.

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