Military-Related White Papers
  1. Knowledge Enhanced Electronic Logic for Embedded Intelligence
  2. Auditability and Traceability of Autonomous Weapon Systems
  3. MITRE: TRADOC G2 Mad Scientist Megacities Final Report
  4. KEEL Technology for Mission Planning and Execution
  5. Giving Devices the Ability to Reason
  6. Where to Go, What to Do
  7. Auditable Intelligence Wins
  8. SISO Presentation (KEEL and C2)
  9. Considerations for Autonomous Goal Seeking
  10. IEEE – KEEL Technology Applied to Highly Distributed Systems
  11. KEEL Technology With Vision Systems for Feature Interpretation
  12. Why It’s Time for Devices to Think
  13. KEEL and Code Certification
  14. KEEL Responds to Autonomous Technology Metrics
  15. Cognitive Sense-making Using KEEL Technology for Intelligence Analysis
  16. Cognitive Mine Sweeping Driven by KEEL
  17. A More Intelligent Network Sharing More Intelligent Information
  18. Extending Human Interoperability
  19. KEEL Technology Impact on Sea Power 21
  20. Explaining the Decision and Actions of Unmanned Combat Aerial Vehicles
  21. Next-Generation Augmented Reasoning For Tomorrow’s Military
  22. Auditable Policy Execution in Autonomous & Semi-Autonomous C2 Systems
  23. KEEL Technology for “Intelligent” Policies
  24. Judgmental Aspects of Autonomous & Semi-Autonomous Devices
  25. Command and Control Architecture Using KEEL
  26. KEEL Technology Supporting UUV
  27. Agent Technology for Addressing Military Applications With Changing Rules
  28. KEEL Technology for Semi-Automated Sniper SME
  29. KEEL Coordination of Dominant Cyber Offensive Engagement
  30. In Search of IEDs
  31. When Robots Kill
  32. Application of KEEL to Computer Science, Signal and Data Processing
  33. KEEL Technology for Multi-INT Association and Reasoning Algorithms
  34. KEEL Technology for Forensic Analysis Tools
Military-Related Demos
  1. Unmanned Aerial Vehicles
  2. Swarm Leadership
  3. Adaptive Targeting
  4. UAV Surveillance
  5. UAV Swarm Management
  6. Collision Avoidance Test Cases
  7. Command and Control
  8. Shipboard Policy Evaluation
  9. Configurable Engagement Policy
Military-Related Movies
  1. KEEL Introduction
  2. KEEL Dynamic Graphical Language
  3. UAV Demo
  4. Policy Evaluation Platform for Autonomous Ground Vehicles
  5. Berlin 2015 Section 1
  6. Berlin 2015 Section 2
  7. Berlin 2015 Section 3
  8. Berlin 2015 Section 4
  9. TRADOC/APAN 'Mad Scientist Speaker Series' May 2016


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