Medical-Related White Papers
  1. Knowledge Enhanced Electronic Logic for Embedded Intelligence
  2. Rules vs Reason; the IoT; and (human?) Experts
  3. Giving Devices the Ability to Exercise Reason
  4. Right Brain Programming
  5. Why It’s Time for Devices to Think
  6. An Automated Second Opinion to Reduce Health Care Costs
  7. Software & Technology as Tools for Clinicians
  8. KEEL Technology for Diagnosing Anemia in Adults
  9. KEEL & Smoking
  10. Personalized Statistics
Medical-Related Demos
  1. Diagnosing Anemia in Adults
  2. Portable Artificial Lung Demo
  3. Automatic Drug Dispensing
  4. Patient Monitoring / Sensor Monitoring/Event Triggered Monitoring/Time-Based Monitoring
  5. Chest Pain Risk Factors Demo
  6. Yerkes-Dodson/ Eysenck Model
  7. Focused Stress by Age and Population
  8. In Search of Frustration
Medical-Related Movies
  1. KEEL Introduction
  2. KEEL Dynamic Graphical Language
  3. Movie Describing the Development of the Yerkes Dodson Model
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