Compsim's Technology

Compsim's patented technology focuses on the packaging of human expertise in software applications and embedded devices. Unlike other approaches like fuzzy logic and neural nets, solutions incorporating Compsim's KEEL (Knowledge Enhanced Electronic Logic) technology can create explainable decisions. For example: This action was taken because.....

While other approaches may have been approached by taking computers and asking them to "think", Compsim's technology was created by evaluating how humans think and make decisions and then modeling a computer to perform the same functions. Compsim Management Tools (CMT) was developed to assist humans in an effort to capture their knowledge and make structured decisions in a business environment.

If you or your organizations are interested in advanced cognitive capabilities with the following features, then you might be interested in KEEL Technology.

KEEL Technology can:

Technology Comparison
  Neural Nets Fuzzy Logic Bayesian Belief Nets AI - Forward /
Reverse Chaining
General Concept Pattern Matching Geometric Fuzzification / Defuzzification Probabilities of Probability Trial and Error Adaptive Functional Relationships between Data Items
Source of Understanding Patterns Human Designer Human Designer / Statistics Human Designer Human Designer
Pattern Training Required Major Problem No No No No
Explainable Decisions No Difficult Difficult Somewhat Fully Explainable
Small Memory Footprint ? ? ? No Best
Easily Extensible Must start over with retraining Somewhat Statistics may have to be regenerated Possibly Yes
Performance Determined by Application Determined by Application Determined by Application Worst Determined by Application
Suitable for Control Yes Yes Probably Not Probably Not Yes
Interactive Development No No Somewhat Partial Yes
Portable Design (device, software, web) Probably Not Probably Not Probably Not Probably Not Yes (one design, many output formats)
Weaknesses Pattern Training / Surprise Information Validated Reasoning Statistics may not be available for non-linear systems; Difficult to explain Fragile / Brittle - Hard to maintain  

More details in the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) area.

Compsim's technology has been embedded in a software application focused on organizations and businesses attempting to make subjective decisions (Compsim Management Tools). The same fundamental way of integrating driving and blocking information has been extended for embedding decision-making in devices that in many cases have to address much more complex inter-related problem sets (Knowledge Enhanced Electronic Logic). In this case, Compsim provides a KEEL Toolkit with the KEEL "dynamic graphical language" to assist in the design of thinking / reasoning devices.

All of Compsim's technology is focused on subjective decision-making, where the outcome is judgmental. In these cases human expertise is captured for use. These types of problems are all "data fusion" problems, where data items are integrated into packets that are interpreted to generate knowledge (or information). Information is then used to make decisions and decisions control actions. Judgment (or expertise) is demonstrated when information is interpreted to take controlled or relative actions when information needs to be balanced against competing goals. (risks vs rewards)

In organizational decision-making, the subjective rules of the organization are utilized to facilitate the decision-making activity. All information is exposed to insure that any personal biases can be removed from the process.

In embedded decision-making the expertise of the most knowledgeable human operators or decision-makers is incorporated into the products.