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The "Compsim™" portfolio of products focuses on knowledge capture and decision making. They address the need for individuals and organizations to make rapid decisions that must withstand the scrutiny of outside auditors. When used as part of Compsim™'s consulting services, they provide the mechanism for the consulting activity to be delivered to Compsim's partners in a manner that can be reused in follow-on investigations.

Compsim Management Tools focus on speed and ease-of-use. They provide a repository for general information that the user collects in the daily course of events. In addition to collecting general information, Compsim™'s tools provide a repository for collecting information used in the decision making process. A key part of the decision-making process is to establish a value for the information available. Compsim's unique (patent pending) approach to this function facilitates this activity.

For decision making, Compsim™'s software extends the concept of a decision tree with graphical features to assist in the rapid accumulation, organization and prioritization of data from brainstorming and knowledge capture sessions. The ultimate goal of the decision making process is to be assured that all alternatives are appropriately explored. The graphical techniques help the user rapidly switch focus from one area to another. Recording the decision making process in a knowledge repository like the one within Compsim's tools, allows the user to develop a reusable knowledge base that can be extended over time. Compsim™'s tools, provide report generation capabilities that allows the user to review the results of the data gathering process, whether it is just capturing knowledge or is part of a decision making process. Compsim™'s (patent pending) algorithms are used to explain the decisions made in high level terms and charts. Background reports are available for indepth audits.

Movie showing CMT for Option-Driven Decision-Making

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CMT for Option-Driven Decision-Making

Personal AND Corporate Knowledge Management

Corporate Knowledge Management is high on the list of priorities of many corporations as they attempt to collect the knowledge of their employees. These corporations have recognized that they waste large amounts of time as their employees encounter and address similar problems over and over again during normal business activities. The same is true for individuals, whether on the job or at home. Over a lifetime, an individual will encounter many similar problems. Especially those people involved in business, professional, or consulting activities will often encounter the same or similar issues. Compsim™'s tool for making management decisions provides a repository for storing and reacquiring the information needed to readdress these issues.

Also, it is likely that individuals will move from company to company throughout their working life. Compsim™, with its decision-making tools, recognizes that it will be more and more important for individuals to log their knowledge throughout life so it can be transferred forward from job to job. An individual's value is based on knowledge and experience. By formally collecting experience and making it readily available for future use, Compsim™'s decision- making tools provides a mechanism for carrying that experience forward.

A Focus on Efficiency

Compsim™'s decision making tools, focus on an efficient process for collecting and managing information. A graphical user interface provides rapid navigation for use during brainstorming and data collecting. Colored symbols assist in determining content when viewing the tree from a high level. Dynamically created reports are available for printing, integrating in word processing reports (rich text format), publishing for data sharing (XML) and for publishing on the WEB (html format). The XML format is useful for integrating the Compsim™ knowledge base with a corporate knowledge base.

An Observation of Corporate Life

Compsim™ has created its tools based on observations of the corporate decision-making process. It seems that corporate decisions always take a long time and are often made based on the highest ranking, loudest or most prolific orator. In many corporations the same positions are raised over and over again to address a single issue. It is possible (and even likely) that each time the same position is raised in discussions it gets another vote, thus subjectively biasing the decision without adding any additional value.

The process addressed with Compsim Management Tools, suggests that you only include a position once and that each position gets individual attention. The formalism of the graphical data entry process assists in limiting the duplication of information.

Multiple Knowledge Repositories

Compsim™ provides a number of tools for organizing data in multiple repositories. It provides export and import functions so a user can generate a topic on a portable computer and import sections into a main repository. By using the XML output, the information can easily be promoted to a corporate knowledge base.

Copy and Paste Data

Compsim™'s tool for making business decisions allows the user to copy textual data from various applications and paste it into the repository: (from word processing documents, WEB pages, etc.)

An Extensible Product

Compsim™ provides an extensible product that allows for experts to provide "canned" positions and arguments. These templates can be used to help the user rapidly address new issues in new areas. Compsim™ has developed its own knowledge base in a number of markets. Compsim™ will share this knowledge as part of its consulting activity in order to accelerate the decision making process and reduce costs to its partners. Once Compsim™'s partners are familiar with the process and the tools, they can develop their own knowledge repositories and build their own "packages of knowledge" for their own internal reuse.

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System Requirements

Windows 98, Windows ME, Windows NT 4.0, Windows 2000, or Windows XP

Microsoft Internet Explorer version 4.0 or later

3.5" floppy and CD-ROM for installation

30 MB available disk space for application and data

800x600 display resolution (minimum) Higher resolution preferred

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