KEEL Movies

  Movie Associated Demo / Paper
1. PowerPoint Slides
2. Dynamic Graphical Language Demo
3. Get Adobe Flash player Movie Only.
4. Get Adobe Flash player Four videos covering the issue of how KEEL Technology applies to policy development, policy tuning, and policy testing. In this case, the C2 policies (developed and demonstrated) apply to the deployment of countermeasures against invading unmanned aerial vehicles.
5. Get Adobe Flash player Two videos covering a Marine Mammal Mitigation project and how KEEL Technology can be used to create legal and ethical policies for information interpretation subject for a topic subject to international law.
6. Get Adobe Flash player Movie Only.
7. Get Adobe Flash player Presentation created for AFCEA Emerging Technologies 2013 Conference
8. Movie Only.
9. Reference documentation for IT Transformation web service
10. Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Demo
11. Intelligent Traffic Light Demo
12. Yerkes-Dodson / Hans Eysneck Demo
13. Movie Only.
14. Get Adobe Flash player Movie showing the creation of a configurable / executable policy using Compsim "tools" (KEEL Concept and KEEL Toolkit) and Adobe Flash Professional. Associated paper with the configurable / executable "Engagement Policy" embedded and operational.
15. Movie demonstrating a Policy Evaluation System for testing KEEL-based policies for Autonomous Ground Vehicles for path selection and obstacle avoidance
16. Berlin 2015 Demonstration Section 1: The Problem, The Adversaries, The Anti-AxS Objectives, Introducing KEEL Technology
17. Berlin 2015 Demonstration Section 2: A Modular System (Developing the Policy)
18. Berlin 2015 Demonstration Section 3: A Policy Configuration Platform (Tuning the Policy)
19. Berlin 2015 Demonstration Section 4: A Pre-Simulation Simulation (Testing the Policy)
20. Movie prepared for TRADOC/ APAN Mad Scientist Speaker Series May 17, 2016.
21. 2017 video explaining what we mean by "collective processing of information" and why it is important for cognitive computing
22. 2017 video describing the use of KEEL cognitive engines in self-organizing swarms using configurable, adaptive operational policies.
23. 2017 video introducing "KEEL Reviewer" to support the need for Explainable AI for "after mission reviews" that will be important when delivering solutions to safety critical applications.

CMT Movies

  Movie Associated Demo / Paper
1.   Get Adobe Flash player Movie Only - Brief overview of 3 techniques supported by CMT for decision-making.
2. Get Adobe Flash player Movie Only - Slightly more details of Option-Driven Decision Making
3. Get Adobe Flash player Movie Only - Slightly more details of Criteria-Driven Decision Making