Intelligent PLC

This demonstration provides supplemental information for a paper and presentation that is being prepared for the ISA 2005 show in Chicago October 25-27, 2005.

The window above shows the KEEL dynamic graphical language for describing a policy for use in controlling a machine tool that can be integrated directly into conventional PLCs. The graphical language can be demonstrated by manipulating the left-most 3 scrollbars to demonstrate how the policy will control the speed of the machine tool based on normal operation, with increased demand, and with feedback from a vibration sensor.

NOTE: Only the first three scrollbars can be manually manipulated as these are representing external control signals. The remaining scrollbars are controlled internally.

The graph below was created in the KEEL development enviornment as the policy is tested under varying situations.

A more complete discussion of the problem being addressed and the use of KEEL will be provided in the ISA Paper and associated Presentation Material.

Graph of PLC Policy