Patent Number: 6,760,039

A new approach to gather customer opinions!

Rate the automotive companies on their quality of service.

In the test case to the left, rate your impressions of the automobile manufacturers for their customer service.

  1. First rank the companies from best to worst using drag and drop.
  2. Then adjust the scroll bars below each item to provide a value. (Re-rank and revalue as often as necessary.) In this example, the top item is locked to the maximum value (so all items below the top highest ranking item are compared to it).
  3. Click the Submit to submit your opinions via email. (NOTE: in this example, the data is sent in a format that can be easily parsed.)


In this case we have included images along with the textual descriptions.

Rate the issues facing Wisconsin. Link to a formal demonstration using email to obtain a passcode.

In this case we are showing the use of the Opinionizer with the numeric values displayed.

In this case we are looking for opinions on the importance of different issues facing the state of Wisconsin.

  1. First rank the issues from best to worst using drag and drop.
  2. Then adjust the scroll bars below each issue to establish their relative importance. (Re-rank and revalue as often as necessary.)
  3. Click the Submit to submit your opinions to the host server.


How would you rate the following factors in choosing a retirement home?  

In this case we are looking at the different factors that might be used to evaluate a location for retirement.

We are submitting the data directly into a web server database for analysis. Each user is provided one vote. If the user votes multiple times, only the last entry is saved in the database.
  1. First rank the factors from best to worst using drag and drop.
  2. Then adjust the scroll bars below each factor to further define its importance. (Re-rank and revalue as often as necessary.)
  3. Click the Submit to post your data to the server database.

When you look at the data on the server you see only your own ratings; not the values submitted by the other participants.

Also, while the values are displayed as 0 to 100, the actual values sent to the database are 0 to 10000. Thus, even if two factors are rated equal, the one with the higher rank has an incremental higher value. This forced ranking can be retained or removed at the server end.

Compsim's Opinionizer

The human brain uses its left brain characteristics to make analytical decisions. The right brain contributes to value judgments. While the left brain deals with numbers and probabilities, the right brain deals with images and impressions.

Many judgmental decisions are right brain decisions where value judgments are subjective. Techniques that attempt to gather subjective impressions and judgments with check boxes and numeric entries that define real values require the brain to translate the existing subjective opinions into analytical values.

Compsim's Opinionizer allows the user to record impressions and opinions using the same right brain (graphical) values. No mental translation is required.

We have observed that many times when the user adjusts the weighting, that the user will re-evaluate the situation and re-rank. When the operation is complete, the user has given a great deal of thought to the problem and the data gathered has much more value.

What the consumer of the opinion gets is not just a ranking of options, but a relative valuation of the entire set of options.

Compsim has applied for patents to cover the integrated use of drag and drop list boxes with associated scroll bars that operate in an integrated fashion to yield a list of values that are value ordered (not just ranked).

There are several customizations of this component that are available. For example, the component can be displayed completely without showing the numeric values. This might be done if there is concern that some users may be fixated with the numbers when what you really want is the relative comparison values.

A series of Compsim Prioritizers might be used to collect a variety of subjective values from customers.

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