KEEL presented to NIST Listening Session on Critical and Emerging Technology

December 2023 - Compsim presented KEEL Technology to the U.S. Government National Standards Strategy for Critical and Emerging Technology Listening Session on December 19, 2023.

Compsim releases Battlespace Automation paper.

June 2023 - Compsim released a paper describing the battlespace where all elements can be automated, from executive level command and control down to self-organizing, mass-produced autonomous warfighters (air, ground, water - real and virtual). The paper describes how this is enabled today with KEEL Technology.

Compsim presents at KEEL Technology at SOFWERX Tech Tuesday

March 2023 - Compsim Presented KEEL Technology at the March 21, 2023 SOFWERX Tech Tuesday event focusing on the ability to automate everything that needs to be automated by giving machines the ability to apply judgment and reasoning skills to address problems they may never have encountered before. By giving machines the ability to deliver expert explainable behaviors they can self-organize and operate autonomously.

Podcast interview with Compsim

March 2023 - Helena Keeley interviewd by Charles Cormier on the GPTGTM podcast on March 17, 2023.

Compsim adds Rust support to its supported languages

August 2022 - Compsim's latest release of the KEEL G3 Toolkit adds the ability to auto-code Rust Modules thus giving more applications the ability to deliver Explainable AI as part of their solutions: expert decisions and adaptive operational control, always keeping humans in control for Responsible / Trustable AI.

Compsim allows new partners to develop initial concepts without the license

July 2022 - Compsim releases a web version of KEEL G3 Concept that allows concept development without a license to KEEL Technology. This tool can be used to show how it only takes minutes to go from concept to working cognitive engine.

Compsim releases 3rd generation of KEEL Tools

August 2020 - Compsim releases the 3rd generation of KEEL Tools with support for new programming languages and support for Node.js modules to be compatible with Kubernetes and Platform One to deliver cognitive models to cloud based enterprises.

Compsim introduces KEEL Technology to the Naval Information Warfare Center (NIWC) Pacific

August 2020 - Compsim introduces KEEL Technology to NIWC Pac portfolio managers, and highlights the impact of "Adversarial Computing" and the value of rapid, cost-effective Explainable AI (XAI)

Forbes July 17, 2019 Article "Turbo Charged AI with Right Brain-Based Reasoning"

July 2019 - Forbes article titled "Turbo Charged AI with Right Brain-Based Reasoning" by Jim Sinur points to Compsim's KEEL Technology

Compsim introduces the KEEL "Sense and Avoid Policy Evaluation System" (SAPES)

May 2019 - Compsim introduces the KEEL "Sense and Avoid Policy Evaluation System" (SAPES) to acclelerate the development and test of sense and avoid policies for unmanned aircraft to satisfy the needs of cost effective development and test AND AUDIT of these safety critical systems.

News Release: Compsim releases KEEL Reviewer to deliver Explainable AI

April 2017 - Compsim releases "KEEL Reviewer" and provides "Explainable AI" to satisfy the demand for autonomous systems that deliver safety critical behavior (autonomous weapon systems, self-driving cars, intelligent medical devices).

Public Release of NSWCDD-TR-16-1003 Technical Report: "Review of Knowledge Enhanced Electronic Logic (KEEL) Technology"

December 2016 - Dahlgren Division, Naval Surface Warfare Center, Dahlgren, Virginia, releases NSWCDD/TR-16/103 "Review of Knowledge Enhanced Electronic Logic (KEEL) Technology

KEEL Responds to DoT "Federal Automated Vehicles Policy"

September 2016 - Compsim's KEEL Technology supports the Department of Transportation "Federal Automated Vehicles Policy" by supporting the need for (auditable) ethical behavior in operational policies of self-driving vehicles.

KEEL Responds to Defense Science Board Summer Study on Autonomy

August 2016 - Compsim's KEEL Technology supports the requirements defined in the August 2016 "Defense Science Board Summer Report on Autonomy" by delivering Auditable AI.

'Mad Scientist Speaker Series' May 2016

May 2016 - TRADOC / APAN Mad Scientist Briefing highlighting demands to "do more with less" and still address complex problems of the future. Using KEEL Technology to automate the delivery of "expert capabilities", allowing organizations to control their future. Asks the question: If the expensive and complex, becomes cheap and easy, how will this impact your world?

Control Engineering Article: IoAT

May 2016 - Control Engineering article: The Internet of Autonomous Things (IoAT) where KEEL Technology enables the creation of intelligent devices that deliver service - beyond just publishing information.

KEEL Technology Demonstrated in Berlin at NATO Conference

November 2015 - KEEL Technology demonstrated in Berlin at a NATO Conference focusing on countering Autonomous Systems.

Strategy Analytics Report KEEL Technology: Software Enabler for Autonomous Vehicle Development

October 2015 - Strategy Analytics issues a research report on the use of KEEL Technology as an "enabling technology for OEMs and Tier 1 vendors that are generating software for the development of autonomous driving systems"

Policy Evaluaton Platform

August 2015 - Compsim introduces a new tool to support the creation and test of new policies to control the behavior of Autonomous Vehicles and Ground Robots: Compsim's Multiple Obstacle Avoidance - Policy Evaluation System (MOAPES).

AUSA Exhibition and Symposium March 2015

March 2015 - Compsim invited to present KEEL Technology at the 2015 AUSA Exhibition and Symposium where there was a focus on innovation.

Another small step for man; ANOTHER GIANT LEAP FOR MANKIND!

February 2015 - Stilwell Technology and Robotics successfully integrates KEEL Technology into their robots.

KEEL Introduced to NATO Sponsored MCDC

January 2014 - Compsim invited to introduce KEEL Technology to NATO sponsored Multinational Capability Development Campaign (MCDC) to describe and execute policies for Autonomous Systems.

Creating Ethical Policies for Machines

December 2013 - Compsim demonstrates the creation and execution of ethical policies for machines that allows them to pursue goals adaptively, while still restricting their behavior to human policy makers.

Compsim releases "KEEL Influence"

August 2013 - Compsim releases KEEL Influence Diagrams for high level views of KEEL-based policies.

Compsim recognized as Gartner "Cool Vendor"

May 2013 - Compsim recognized by Gartner Inc as one of the "2013 Cool Vendors".

Compsim releases support for Arduino platforms

March 2013 - In March 2013, Compsim extends the KEEL Toolkit with support for the Arduino Mega platforms for use in miniature unmanned systems.

Compsim releases Autonomous Technology Metrics

September 2012 - In July 2012, the Department of Defense, Defense Science Board issued a Task Force Report: The Role of Autonomy in DoD Systems. Compsim suggests a set of metrics to measure competing technologies. These metrics are also used to measure the effectiveness of Compsim's KEEL Technology to provide autonomous behavior.

Compsim joins the Edge Innovation Network

August 2012 - Compsim joins the Edge Innovation Network.

Interview of Tom Keeley for the European Union Awareness Project

January 2012 - Tom Keeley's interview for the Awareness Project (EU) - Self-Awareness in Autonomic Systems

Cooperative Research Agreement (CRADA) signed between NSWCDD (Naval Surface Warfare Center Dahlgren Division) and Compsim LLC (Compsim)

December 2011 - CRADA signed (Approved for release 12/20/2011)

"AKOTA Technologies uses KEEL Technology for Text Analytics and Sentiment Analysis"

March 2011 - KEEL Technology used behind the scenes to "interpret the importance" of high volumes of electronic documents now being created around the world.

Objective-C release enables KEEL-based iPad and iPhone Apps

October 2010 - KEEL Toolkit released with support for Objective-C, enabling KEEL-based applications for Apple iPhone and iPad.

"Analytics without Reason is just Marketing Hype"

October 2010 - KEEL extends the reach of "analytics" in Enterprise, Factory Automation, Military, Financial, and Political markets.

90% Reduction in Development Time

September 2009 - KEEL saves time in developing complex models

The Automation of 'Smart'

August 2009 - KEEL Responds to the market interest in SMART solutions.

KEEL Technology Responds to DARPA's Strategic Initiatives

May 2009 - With technology available now. No "research" required.

KEEL Cognitive Engines Deployed as Web Services

December 2008

Are Remotely Controlled UAVs Obsolete?

October 2008 - Yes!

DARPA Mathematical Challenge

September 2008 - KEEL Technology responds to the DARPA Challenge

KEEL Technology to extend MATLAB® / Simulink® Capabilities

June 2008 - KEEL Technology gives reasoning ability to MATLAB / Simulink Apps

KEEL Technology to support Google® Apps

April 2008 - KEEL Technology gives reasoning ability to Google Apps

Giving Devices the Ability to Exercise Reason

October 2007 - CITSA 2007 Best Paper Award

Contact C4ISR Magazine for copy

April 2007 - C4ISR - The Journal of Net-Centric Warfare - by Mark Huber

"Electronic Logic Gains Human Touch - Cognitive software boosts PLC capabilities"

March 2006 - ISA InTech Magazine Article

KEEL Patent Granted

March 2006 - First KEEL specific patent granted

Scientific Computing Article

February 2006 - By Dr. Bill Weaver (La Salle University)

Why Can't Your Computer Get Frustrated Too?

August 2005 - Wisconsin Technology Network Article

Judgmental Aspects of Autonomous and Semi-Autonomous Devices

August 2005 - Frost & Sullivan Invited Paper

KEEL Technology to be presented at the September 2004 Phoenix Challenge

August 2004

Using KEEL to 'See' Devices 'Reason'

June 2004


May 2004

KEEL Technology to be presented at ISA Expo 2004

April 2004


March 2004

KEEL Creates Flash Source Code

June 2003

KEEL Initial News Release

March 2002